This will be a play-by-post E6 game, using mostly standard D&D rules. The player characters will be the crew of a small airship (or some could be passengers who just never leave) captained by Alexi McClendon. The game will try to have swashbuckling action and interesting magic. There will also be a survival element brought to bear from time to time as the characters face the rigors of the wastes.

Players will be encouraged to come up with the local culture of the place they are from. They will be required to provided a brief bio of their character. This should not be a full life story, just a summary to show what sort they are, a few pages at most.

Characters will not have an official alignment in game. Morality is more ambiguous in this game. While characters who wish to save the day are welcome, and probably needed, characters who are on the shady side should also fit in with the party.

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Skyships of the Wastes