The magic system will be taken almost directly from the book True Sorcery. The players may borrow my copy if they do not have access to this book. No full casting classes other than the The Spellcaster from this book will be allowed. Partial casting classes will get limited access to Spellcaster abilities, or take alternate class features instead. Classes which rely on spell levels in other ways (such as the Spell Thief) are not playable.

Item creation is as True Sorcery with the following exception: when making any item other than a Major item, the caster must expend 1 point of spell energy semi-permanently during creation. This means that the spell point cannot be regained until the item has expended all of its charges. At that time, the caster can regain the spell point used to create the item normally.

It is possible that character creation will allow the selection of two talents. If this happens the following talent will be required to get the Spellcaster class or the Dabbler feat:

Magical Aptitude
Whatever it is that learning magic requires, you’ve got it. Your natural talent with magic also grants you +2 to saves vs direct magical effects.


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