Money and Equipment

The silver piece is the standard of currency and trade for any important transaction through out the world. It has a standard weight and purity, the standard for which was introduced by, and is maintained by The Empire. While local currencies are possible, almost all areas with contact with the world have adopted this standard over the last few hundred years.

*10 bits = 1 copper
*20 copper = 1 silver
*1000 copper = 50 silver = 1 gold

Rules for money and equipment will mostly follow those laid out in Chapter 8 of The Black Company Campaign Setting. I will post some relevant information here, and any one who doesn’t have access to the book can borrow it from the DM. Specifically, we will be using the Silver Standard, Rarity, and Masterworks rules.

Use table 8-7 (which I will reproduce here later) to determine the new price of equipment.

Converting equipment to the Silver Standard:
1. Determine the rarity of the item. Check with the DM on the rarity, but if it’s not on the equipment list, it’s probably at least moderately rare.
2. Convert cost to silver. Each copper is .1 silver, each gold is 10 silver.
3. Adjust cost based on rarity. Reference the chart to determine what to divide the cost in D&D silver to convert to Silver Standard silver:

Staple or Stock 10
Occasional 5
Specialty 4
Exotic 3
Unique 2

Money and Equipment

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