While a large majority of humanoids are Human, there are numerous other races to be found, most living in a single oasis or archipelago. Some of the notable ones are as follows:


Elves are an ancient and long lived race from a vast, rich oasis (which has a long elven name, but most call it Verdant Valley or Elvenhome in their own tongues). They are powerful in skills both magic and marshal. They mostly keep to themselves, but some choose to go out into the world to act as tutors and advisers. They search for students of true talent, who are then invited back to the Elvenhome for the opportunity to master the art they are talented in. Unwelcome guests are give the opportunity to leave if they are polite, and dealt with swiftly if they are not. Some say that the elves know the secrets of the Wellsprings, how the world came to be as it is, and what lies beyond the Firestorm Skies, but they consider it sacrilege to discuss such topics, so the secrets, if they know them, remain hidden. Their religion is another topic they do not discuss. They speak their own language, which they do not teach to others. Those who travel tend to learn the languages of those they will travel among, and often speak them more eloquently then native speakers. They think of Half-Elven no differently than they do of humans. Elves are not available as a PC race.


From time to time, though rare, an Elf and Human bear a child. The Elf will see the child cared for, but generally has little interest in the child beyond that. The child is only welcome in the Verdant Valley as a guest (and that only if he shows talent in an art), but never as a kinsman. Most live on the edges of society, often taking positions on airships. They speak the languages they grew up with, and tend to follow whatever beliefs they choose.


Gnomes are natural engineers, musicians and pranksters. They live primarily in their home oasis (whose proper name is hardly pronounceable to others, but translates roughly to Sparkle-Delve in other tongues). Most of Sparkle-Delve is underground, the area above ground given over to temperate forests and old, well mannered farm fields. They love to share knowledge, and will often excitedly explain their ideas and areas of expertise to any who are willing to listen. Gnomes invented the first airships, and their possibly irresponsible sharing of that knowledge could be blamed for both the period of the Airship Wars, and the times of prosperity that have followed. They speak their own language, but they are always willing to teach it to others, and in turn learn the tongues of others. They have many religions (often copied from other cultures), which somehow co-exist peacefully. Outsiders are cheerfully welcomed, though they seldom stay long; between the very low ceilings, the constant explanations, and the numerous pranks, life among the gnomes gets tiring quickly. Some gnomes live outside of Sparkle-Delve, most as traveling mechanics or musicians, or living in Little Sparkle-Delve, a home away from home for those who live at The Shipyards.


Dwarfs are a secretive race who are masters of metal working and civil engineering. TODO


A very prolific race, (second only to humans) Gnolls live in the fringes of many oases. They are a simple, stone-age race, with very few having the intelligence to rise above their primative hunter-gatherer lifestyle. They are highly pack oriented, and are extremely loyal to their family. However, much like wolves, they are led by the strongest among them, who is challenged and replaced when he or she shows weakness. Those tribes/packs lucky enough to have one also respect their shamans, who they believe can speak to the spirits of things. They have an animist religion, believing that every tree, every animal, every rock, all things, each has its own spirit. They are prized as soldiers for their brute strength, and are very loyal to their comrades, but few commanders have the force of will to keep them from trying to take over as leader of their adopted pack. A particularly clever Gnoll could be a PC.


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